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    Quick Details
    1. Type of gas source: Biogas
    2. Engine brand: Steyr, MAN, MWM
    3. Alternator brand: Meccalte, Marelli, Leroy Somer, Stamford
    4. Frequency: 50Hz
    5. Genset controller: DEIF, ComAp, SmartGen
    6. Electric efficiency is up to 44.6%
    7. Electric standard: ISO 8528 G2
    8. Gas train: DUNGS, Kromschroder
    9. Gas engine AFR: lean burn, closed loop control
    10. Color: standard white or customized
    Main Structure & Features Of Biogas Generators
    路 High Safety
    Products are fitted with many kinds of sensors and safety valves, integrating control, measurement and protection functions.
    路 Cylinder Temperature Protection System
    Cylinder temperature sensors or exhaust manifold temperature sensors can measure the combustion or exhaust gas temperature and send signals to the control system to monitor engine鈥檚 operation condition and ensure normal operation.
    路 Detonation Control System
    Based on the signals from sensors, the controller sends out analog signals to ignition system after processing so as to adjust ignition timing, reduce load or shutdown to avoid detonation.
    路 Gas Leakage Protection Device
    This avoids gas leakage and once the gas leaks, gas pipeline will be turned off and alarms will be sent out.
    High Durability
    路 Vibration Isolators
    Vibration isolators with high capability are installed between engine/ alternator and base frame, and anti-vibration capability of CHP unit is in accordance with standards.
    路 Coupling Connection
    Coupling between engine and alternator dampens rotational vibrations and load surge, and limits torque to protect the actuator from overload.
    路 Integrated Oil Filtration System
    Equipped filters separate dust, metal scraps, carbon deposit etc. efficiently and restrain abrasion of engine parts for example crankshaft to prolong the unit’s lifetime.
    路 Standard Containerized Canopy
    -Made of corten steel, the containerized canopy is manufactured as ISO standard 20ft or 40ft container and accordant with shipping regulations and CSA certificate.
    -Stainless steel bolts and locks are installed on the exterior of container for corrosion resistance and long life.
    -Anti-locking mechanisms are equipped inside both sides of the canopy to avoid personnel being locked.
    -Both weather proof and silent canopies are available.
    -Specially treated for your specific application. 10 year outdoor guaranteed.
    -Sound level is 65dB(A) @ 7 meters for silent canopy and super silent one is available on request.
    路 High-Strength Base Frame
    High quality steel monocoque base frame with reinforcement design is manufactured with advanced welding technology. Base frame adopts waterproof design to avoid leakage of coolant and lube oil.
    路 Flexible Exhaust Bellows
    Bellows installed between exhaust manifold and silencer keeps exhaust assembly in flexible connection, depresses vibration and noise and prolongs the service life of exhaust system.Biogas Generators manufacturers