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    burn free block forming machine is a small cement block producing plant, very easy to operate; it can produce hollow blocks, porous blocks, and solid concrete bricks, etc.
    There is a vibrator on the upper mold and two vibrators on lower mould equipped on this machine, exciting force from three different directions make the blocks with good quality.
    burn free block forming machine, spring buffer pressuring is adopted and the wear-down is reduced. It is quick in product shaping, high in product density, and large in pressure. Just after demoulding, the blocks can stand a person’s weight. Because of low cost, burn free block forming machine is the ideal selection for customers.
    Theoretical workshop area: 40-60m2, and it needs about 3 workers to operate this machine. The office, curing area and the stacking area are arranged according to your specific condition.Block Molding Machine factory