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    Product introduction:
    Microdermabrasion machine is a comprehensive facial treatment instrument, which first cleans the facial skin with a head, then opens the skin pores with a hot hammer and cold hammer, then introduces the cosmetic with the ultrasonic treatment head, and finally uses the cold hammer of the cold heat hammer. Shrink pores. Thereby achieving the effect of cleaning and skin rejuvenation.
    The diamond micro-carving treatment head uses micro-carved tubes with diamond particles, combined with friction and vacuum suction technology, to completely remove the aged cells on the surface of the skin and promote cell renewal and metabolism. The hot and cold hammer treatment head is used to open pores and shrink pores. The ultrasonic treatment head uses ultrasound to promote the absorption of cosmetics by the skin.
    Product advantages:
    1. The treatment is very convenient and fast.
    2. The operation is very simple and suitable for home use.
    3. The machine is very convenient to carry and suitable for on-site service.
    4. The machine settings have no language restrictions and are suitable for people from all countries.
    5. The effect is obvious, so that the patient is younger and more confident.
    Treatment range:
    1. It can remove the facial cuticle.
    2. It can promote the absorption of cosmetics.
    3. It can reduce facial wrinkles.
    4. It can repair UV damage to the skin.
    5. It can increase skin activity and make skin more elastic.
    Treatment effect:
    Technical specification:
    Type:Diamond+ Ultrasonic+ Cold & Hot Treatment
    Treatment Head:3Dimond Rod(9 heads)+ 2Ultrasonic handles + 1 Cold & Hot Treatment
    With Pressure:-90~0Kpa
    Input Power:250VA±15%
    Dimension:33 x 30.5 x 21cm
    G.W :6KGS
    Power supply:AC 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz

    Accessories picture:

    Payment、shipping and delivery:
    Payment:bank transfer、T/T
    Delivery: around 7-9 working days
    Q:What’s your after-sale service?
    A:We supply one year after-sales service and always provide after-sales support
    Q:How do I operate the Microdermabrasion machine ?
    A:All of our machine is very easy operate,we will supply the operation manual of the machine,you can according the operation manual to operate.If you need more help, we also can using video call to communicate.
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