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    Silicone coated PET release film or silicone PET release film is silicone coating on PET base films, which is widely used in pressure sensitive adhesive applications as a carrier film or release liner. We offer wide variety of film thicknesses with customized releasing force.
    PET release film applies PET film as major materials and the surface is coated with releasing materials.
    Since the surface of the film is smoothly and evenly painted, it successfully avoids many drawbacks such as crinkles, avulsions, granules, bubbles, pinholes, etc. Moreover, it displays many advantages such as excellent physical properties, minor thickness tolerance, high transparency, low heat contractility rate, and fine plasticity.

    Technical Parameters
    Product Description Silicone coated PET release film/ PET release film
    Base Material PET film
    Coating Release Selection Ordinary silicon coating, non rainbow silicon coating
    Color According to customer requirements.
    Thickness 25-225 micron (according to customer requirements)
    Wide in Width 20mm-1600mm (according to customer requirements)
    Release Force 1-300gf/25mm (according to customer requirements)
    Feature Various releasing force available
    Applications Tapes, labels, electrical die cutting, window films
    Advantage Permanent color, good releasing performance.
    Packing Method Standard export pallet
    Silicone Coated PET Release Film Features
    1. Purified environment production, processing, high clean condition;
    2. Uniform coating
    3. Appearance without scratches, good smoothness, no wrinkles, no dirty, no crystal points;
    4. High residual adhesion rate (≥85%), little silicon transfer, no performance impact on the material, no pollution.
    Our Advantages
    1.Advanced Testing Equipment

    2. Short delivery time
    We guarantee that your order will be delivered in 12 working days after we receive your offical order or deposit
    3. Environment friendly
    The production of PE mesh protective film has CTI certificate.
    4. Professional service
    We works closely with its clients providing technical assistance during and after the use of our products, and is dedicated to provide a prompt service to its clients and responding to all their needs.
    5. Long term business partners
    Because of the high quality and professional service, we have many long-term business partners.
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