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    About Us
    Since 2001, Suzhou Long-term Materials has been specializing in the provision of customized Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and alloys.
    Long-term TPE materials have been widely used in different applications: automotive parts, medical materials, household products, industrial products, daily necessities, shoe materials and so on. At the request of customers (especially those who need Medium-High level products), we can quickly develop products that meet the individual needs of customers, such as strength, hardness, high purity, chemical resistance and biocompatibility, transparency, thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, temperature resistance, wear resistance, matt, shiny surface, high elongation and environmental self-degradation. We deliver services and solutions that make you more competitive and essential to your customers by:
    ● Enabling your innovative designs
    ● Getting your products to market faster
    ● Reducing your operating costs
    ● Growing your bottom-line
    Our only focus is on delivering value-adding TPE solutions and outstanding customer service, anywhere in China.
    We utilizes a wide variety polymer technologies and additives to formulate innovative solutions for complex and breakthrough applications, our research anddevelopment organization specializes in custom formulating innovative solutions to meet your toughest material challenges.
    As our name’s implication, Long-term commitment is always our aim. Long-term Materials is committed to long-term development by preventing pollution; Minimizing the impact that our products and activities have on the environment; And complying with applicable environmental regulations. Employees are encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle.TPE For Medical Tubing China