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    Single Girder Traditional Overhead Crane
    Model: COCS.5t-18m-9m
    Single Girder Traditional Overhead Crane

    Brief Introduction:
    Don’t forget to evaluate total investment, maintenance cost, daily and monthly cash flow when you inquire for the crane price. Not only the initial investment but also operating cost, spare part payment beyond schedule, maintenance and the unimaginable cost of downtime should be fully considered.
    CENGIN always consults from total cost and save it through designing and fabricating the most suitable cranes for our clients.
    Based on scientific, advanced and practical rules to design CEGIN electric system. According to customer’s special requirements and relating design specification, we keep improving in design, calculation and material choosing, pursuing high reliability in quality which will show by our product safe and reliable performances. Electric system of this crane is concluding general circuit and control circuit, that’s power supply, lifting control, lengthways control, transverse control, illumination and PLC control system.
    Single Girder Overhead Crane